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DENSO is one of the forefront suppliers of advanced systems, components and automotive technology for automakers globally. In order to enhance the ability of ignition the flame kernel has to be let by spark glow to large size. This can be achieved by widening spark voltage.

Denso has four types of spark plugs which include IRIDIUM POWER. IRIDIUM TOUGH, IRIDIUM PLUS and IRIDIUM RACING. These plugs are built up in the combustion chamber of the engine. It plays a major role by igniting fuel-air mix. These convert the electrical energy into a spark which ignites fuel air mixture. So in short without this plug the engine would not run. This is a vital component as its performance would influence overall performance of the engine.

IRIDIUM POWER is a new age group of high-performance spark plug which uses iridium center electrode that is 0.4 mm in diameter.

IRIDIUM TOUGH is a new plug from DENSO which uses center electrode 1, 0.4mm in diameter. Iridium alloy electrode provides high performance. This plug has platinum on ground electrode which ensures the longevity of platinum plug.

IRIDIUM PLUS is the first plug of its kind as it uses 0.4mm iridium alloy center electrode. These iridium center electrodes have small cooling effect which reduces non-firing which assures ignitability that is the main functionality of a spark plug.

IRIDIUM RACING plugs have good ignition abilities as well as spark voltage at supreme levels. It allows having high levels of better acceleration.

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