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1. World-Wide Recognized Export Quality
The Panasonic Car Battery manufactured at the factory of Panasonic Energy (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is a pride of our quality product line, being up to the international standard, and recognized by the leading domestic and international markets. Such batteries are intended for export to over 40 countries all over the world.

2. Battery with the Highest Turnover in Japan and Thailand OEM Market
We are proud of our quality which is the most popular with the highest turnover in Japan and Thailand. This new product is manufactured in the OEM system for the leading car manufacturers, eg, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mazda etc., recognizing quality of Panasonic Car Battery which is to be installed as a standard component.

3. Expanded Grid Technology For High Engine Cranking Ability & Long Life Design
The low electric-resistant polyethylene enveloped separators, Fine mesh expanded grid and incresing plate capacity constitute a high engine cranking ability.

The battery shown its excellent durability especially under high temperature condition by adopting fine mesh expanded grid and special clad technology so as to enhance a contact between the grid and the active material.

The expanded grid is made of special selected materials under a highly manufacturing process, which result the battery long life supreme performance.